Company Identification and Headquarters:

ALPHAZEN TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED, a private legal entity standing out in the field of advertising and acknowledged as the owner of the online portal, is headquartered at 27 Old Gloucester Street, London. With a consolidated trajectory of more than a decade in the field of advertising and online content production, we take pride in our legacy, characterized by the delivery of pertinent information and high-relevance content to our readers.

Our Journey and Specialization:
For over 12 years, our media group has been a symbol of professionalism and innovation. We are constantly keeping up with technological evolution, adapting ourselves to provide the best content and information, which keeps us as a benchmark in the industry.

Commitment to Content Excellence:
We specialize in creating materials rich in perspectives and information, crucial for the professional success and personal development of our readers. Our dedicated team of writers works diligently daily to produce updated content of significant interest, generating invaluable value for the broad base of readers who access

Integrity and Compliance:
The media group maintains an unwavering commitment to transparency and ethics, evidenced by our strict adherence to privacy policies and data protection. We fully respect the privacy laws and guidelines of each country in which we operate or have readers. We emphasize that we do not request any form of remuneration or sensitive personal data, such as IDs or passports, for access to our content. For any clarifications, objections, or compliments, we encourage contact through the email [email protected].

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We invite you to participate in this exciting journey with us. We continue to blaze new trails, establish innovative standards, and persist in our mission to provide quality communication and information to all readers, through our content portals.

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Address: 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1N 3AX.
United Kingdom – UK
Customer Service Phone Number: +31-97010204498